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Our Aims

The aims of all our programmes are to help families of young children to understand their weight problems in order for them to manage it in a more independent way. This is achieved through a whole family approach addressing issues that are related to lifestyle behaviours, which include economic impact, social emotional wellbeing, building stronger and dynamic resilience helping them to cope through growth and empowerment; ultimately resulting in a more connected community.

Our educational programmes are based on the understanding that all families are unique. Our initial engagement tool, the UK's Eatwell Plate underpins our delivery of nutrition workshops.

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Families participate in preparing and cooking nutritious, low cost filling family meals. Peer support and friendships evolve which builds confidence empowering families to take responsibility and transfer the skills to the home environment.

Parents are equipped to undertake a 17 week Unique Me programme. Elements of this course consist of self-esteem and confidence building, healthy lifestyles including intense elements of the potential chronic medical problems, psychological issues, abnormal bone growth, degenerative diseases and some cancers all associated with long term obesity and linked with decreased life expectancy.

Identifying weight early in children is essential in order for early intervention to prevent potential life threatening disorders. Overweight can often pose a risk of poor emotional wellbeing resulting in bullying, low self -esteem anxiety and depression.

All these conditions are preventable with a good healthy lifestyles programme which aims to educate about healthy eating and encourage physical activity. By parents identifying weight gain early in children, it is vital that early intervention is made possible.

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