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Our Specialist Team

Katherine Spencer.

Image of Kath project manager

MA Public Health
BA Hons Health Studies

Natalie Boswell.

Image of Natalie one of the project workers.

Level 4 Diploma Working with Parents with Intense Multiple and Complex needs.

Katherine has evolved her highly respected position through a significant career in education, health promotion and public health development leading on innovative specialist areas of health improvement. Driven by her passion to help empower individuals to be the catalysts for change in their lives, resetting their life journey by establishing firm foundations for their future.

Natalie has a well respected career specialising in working with young parents around the sensitive topics of healthy relationships and SRE, more recently Natalie has been working in the early years sector with a focus on families whom present challenging and complex social factors to be addressed in preparation for engagement in Healthy lifestyle activity.

Philosophy & Mission Statement

Our aims are recognised as honest, trustworthy, and approachable within our community. To support all children and families on an individual basis to assess and support their unique and individual needs providing a safe, caring environment for everyone's physical and emotional wellbeing.

Working in partnership to remove limitations and boundaries empowering all individuals to reach their full potential leaving a positive future for you and your children.

The Forge Family

Serving The Community Over 20 yrs.